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am-bulldog-dreamstime_m_14126617When I last posted, in the early morning of November 9, I included the link to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration website. I was soon aware that, for several hours, the government site was prone to crashing, due to the heavy traffic from the US that Donald Trump’s election generated from the moment it began to seem likely. Even the following evening I was unable to click on the link and verify that it was working.

It’s working now. And here it is once again:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/

There are probably lots of other useful websites for those Americans (possibly like you) who are interested in finding out more about immigrating to Canada. I will sift through many of them in the days and weeks to come and add their links to this site. But I stand by the government of Canada site as the first and most important portal for potential immigrants to explore.

There are countless immigration lawyers and “consultants” in Canada who promise to smooth the way (and perhaps grease the wheels?) for those who want to come here. But for those of you with a good command of English or French, sufficient patience, and the time required to do the necessary research, plunge ahead on your own.

If you don’t have the wherewithal to sift through the information and requirements outlined there, you probably aren’t ready or able to immigrant to Canada, at least not yet.

I see my own role in this current discussion as more philosophical, historical, and cultural. I will touch on questions like the following.

  • What are the ethical implications of emigrating from one’s home, especially from the nation constantly defined by the doctrine of American exceptionalism as “the greatest on earth”?
  • What has been the history of American immigration to Canada? Have US citizens had a important role in creating and defining the nation of Canada?
  • What are the differences, large and small, between the two northern components of North America? (It’s my opinion that sometimes the small things are more significant that the major ones.)

So who am I, anyway, some big shot “expert”? Hardly. Just a somewhat elderly woman, originally from Detroit, who has lived in this country since 1972. To paraphrase the current Farmers Insurance ad, “I know a thing or two ’cause I’ve seen a thing or two.”

Hello Disaffected Americans!



Did you really mean it? About moving to Canada, I mean. If so, look at yesterday’s election results and really think about following through. It could well be the best decision you ever made (if was for me, back in 1972!).

But it’s not as easy to move up here as you may think; and it will take longer than you probably expect. If you’re serious, start the process right away. First thing to do is follow this link:


Think about this: it could be such a relief to live in a nation that reflects your values and is open to positive change, tolerance, peace, gender equality, a belief in science, and what the future actually holds for all of us.

Moreover, if you decide to immigrate to Canada, you will be part of a long tradition of Americans who have come here (for more than two centuries) and have made outstanding contributions to its culture and society.

Come back to this website and let’s start a conversation.


Mary Murphy


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