Hello Disaffected Americans!

Did you really mean it? About moving to Canada, I mean. If so, look at yesterday’s election results and really think about following through. It could well be the best decision you ever made (if was for me, back in 1972!).

But it’s not as easy to move up here as you may think; and it will take longer than you probably expect. If you’re serious, start the process right away. First thing to do is follow this link:


Think about this: it could be such a relief to live in a nation that reflects your values and is open to positive change, tolerance, peace, gender equality, a belief in science, and what the future actually holds for all of us.

Moreover, if you decide to immigrate to Canada, you will be part of a long tradition of Americans who have come here (for more than two centuries) and have made outstanding contributions to its culture and society.

Come back to this website and let’s start a conversation.


Mary Murphy


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Author: Mary Murphy

A Canadian resident since 1972, Mary lives in a small town on the west coast of British Columbia but spends time in both Ontario and Michigan each year.

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